Terms of use


Please read this document carefully. It is a contract between you and the City of Québec regarding use of the Copilote mobile app payment service. By using this service, you agree to all the terms set forth herein. If, at any time whatsoever, you no longer agree to the terms and conditions of this contract, you must stop using the mobile payment service and uninstall the application.


The City of Québec may amend this contract between it and you (hereinafter referred to as the “user”) in part or in whole at any time. Any amendment will be communicated to the user at least thirty (30) days before the date it becomes effective. Such amendment will be communicated in the following manner:

  • The new proposed wording will be presented along with the old wording.
  • The effective date of the amendment will be stated.
  • If the amendment reduces the City’s obligations or increases the user’s, the user may refuse the amendment and terminate this contract at no charge.

To terminate this contract, the user must send the City of Québec notice to this effect within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the amendment by clicking on Refuse in the list of choices made available to him/her when he/she is informed of the amendment. Such refusal automatically results in termination of the contract and deactivation of the user’s account and constitutes his/her refusal to access the service.


By complying with all the provisions herein and assuming any amount due to the City of Québec for use of the mobile payment service, the user obtains from the City of Québec the non-transferable right to access its service to pay for parking in the City of Québec. It is the user’s responsibility to ascertain that the chosen parking space is available and that parking is permitted in this space when he/she makes a payment for said space. If a parking space is occupied or cannot be accessed, paying for such parking space via the mobile payment service does not entitle the user to park in the space.

The user agrees not to authorize third parties to use the service on his/her behalf. In this regard, the user is responsible for his/her password and all activities and transactions carried out on his/her account with his/her password. If the user believes that a third party is in possession of his/her password, he/she must change the password as soon as possible. If the user forgets his/her password, he/she must click on Forgot your password? and follow the instructions.


To pay for the various services offered under the mobile payment app, the user must link a valid credit card to his/her account. To do so, the user must provide all required information. All fees associated with use of the app are charged to the credit card linked to the account. Credit card information may be changed at any time by going to the My Profile section of the application. The user is responsible for ensuring that his/her information is up-to-date. Under no circumstances will the City of Québec complete a transaction if funds are not available on the user’s credit card. In such case, the user will receive an error message and the transaction will be declined. If the situation persists, the City of Québec may suspend the account and contact the user so that he/she may provide valid credit card information. Hourly parking rates are specified in a City of Québec bylaw and may vary depending on the parking space selected. Under no circumstances may the user pay for a period of time longer than the maximum authorized time provided for in the by law. For each transaction performed, the user will receive a receipt by email. The receipt will indicate:

  • The start time of the parking period;
  • The end time of the parking period;
  • A description of the parking space;
  • A transaction number;
  • The parking rate paid, including all applicable taxes, expressed in Canadian dollars.

In the event of a discrepancy between the time indicated on the receipt and the time appearing anywhere else, the time on the receipt will prevail. If the user loses a receipt, he/she can still access it in the Application Transaction History section.


In the event that the user receives a parking ticket, the user may pay or dispute it by following the instructions on the ticket. At no time may the application be used to pay or dispute a parking ticket.


The application offers the user the option of receiving text message notifications via a service to which he/she must subscribe. The user is responsible for obtaining information from his/her wireless service provider about the rates or fees that he/she must pay to receive such notifications. The user may terminate his/her subscription at any time.


In the event that the service is not available for any reason whatsoever when the user wishes to use it, the user is responsible for paying for his/her parking directly at a parking pay station.


The user agrees to use the service for the purposes for which it was designed. Any fraudulent or inappropriate use will automatically result in the closure of the user’s account. The user will be responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused to the City of Québec or a third party.


All rights associated with the parking mobile payment app belong exclusively to the City of Québec. The user may not use or access the system for any purpose other than the one provided for herein.


The City of Québec undertakes to protect the personal information provided by the user who uses the service, in compliance with applicable laws and primarily the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.


Strict security measures are used to protect the user from unauthorized use of his/her banking information.

When the user provides such information, it is kept on servers operated by CALE Systems in Montréal, Québec, Canada, the City of Québec’s operating partner for the Copilote application. The City of Québec does not keep any of the user’s banking information.

CALE Systems is subject to the PCI DSS international standard for bank card payment security and password protection.


The parking mobile payment service is offered at the user’s risk. The user agrees that the City of Québec makes no warranties as to whether the service will meet his/her needs or will be compatible with his/her hardware or software. The City of Québec will make every effort to deliver the service. The user agrees that the City of Québec may not be held liable for any interruption or problem whatsoever associated with use of the system.

Furthermore, the City of Québec cannot guarantee the accuracy of all data distributed via the Copilote application. Given the constantly changing number of available parking spaces, the user agrees that there may be discrepancies between reality and the data displayed in the application. Under no circumstances may the City of Québec be held liable for such discrepancies.

Data displayed is for information purposes only and is kept as up-to-date as possible.

The user must always take into account the signage and actual occupancy on the ground and consider the application a reference tool for finding a parking space for which he/she is solely responsible.


The user agrees to defend and hold harmless the City of Québec and its employees or agents and indemnify them against any claim associated with his/her access to the service or its use.


The user agrees that the City of Québec may terminate this contract and cancel access to its service at any time. A termination notice will be sent to the user ten (10) days prior to the scheduled expiry of the contract unless there is a breach by the user, in which case termination will be immediate.


This contract is governed by the laws in effect in the province of Québec. Any unresolved disputes must be submitted to the courts of the District of Québec. The user may not assign or transfer his/her rights and obligations provided for herein. In the event of the death of the user, this contract is binding on his/her successors and assigns. If a specific provision herein is declared invalid, the remainder of the contract will remain valid and continue to apply. For any questions regarding use of the system, the user may contact the City of Québec by:

This contract comes into effect at the time of the user’s registration.